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ID Badges are Becoming More Crucial than Press Passes for Political Events

Press ID BadgesWhen it comes to videographers and photographers who are working for political organizations, it can be hard to distinguish between them and the white house press corps. However, those bright and shiny badges that appear to be press passes are actually ID badges that are worn to ensure their ability to acquire appropriate access to political events. This is typically done for the purpose of viewing the candidates activities. The presence of ID badges is becoming more and more necessary and has almost completely replaced the authority that was once held by the press pass.

Executive director of the organization Slate, explains it this way; “You are often getting asked who you are and why you are videoing. The ID badges make those encounters easier, except in circumstances where the candidates aren’t having open events, our policy for full-time trackers is for them to be transparent about what they are doing.” The term “full-time trackers” is in reference to the photographers and/or videographers that are tracking the event’s activities.

If you have interest in learning more about creating your own ID badges for such political events, feel free to give us a call today! Our representatives would be delighted at the opportunity to speak with you about all of our ID badge options, and answer any questions you may have about our products. Don’t forget to ask about our accessory options as well! Call (866) 610-4308

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