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Universal ID Badges for the Differently-abled

ID badges for the Differently-abledUnion Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Thawar Chand Gehlot, has stated that efforts toward distributing Universal ID badges that carry nation-wide validity for individuals who are differently-abled  will come to a close within a two year timeframe. (TheHindu.com)

Who Are The ID’s For?

According to Gehlot, an individual may currently be considered differently-abled if they suffer from one of 7 specific types of physical disabilities that are approved as differently-abled. However, the number of approved disabilities may be jumping up from 7 types to 19 types. This fluctuation would result in an increased demand for the Universal ID badges as more individuals who be qualified to receive them.

Additionally, a survey will be conducted in order to determine the exact number of individuals in the nation who will be able to meet these qualifications. This survey will also be used for the purpose of confirming their socioeconomic status.

What Will the ID’s Do?

The ID badges will ensure that all of these confirmed individuals will gain easy access to government privileges and other benefits. It’s been reported that the Accessible India Campaign is making efforts to develop disabled-friendly infrastructure in 100 building which would span across 48 cities. According to Gehlot, this would include toilets, help desks, ramps and more.

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