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Ask These Questions Before Selecting Your ID Card Type

ID CardSo, here we are. You need ID cards for your company and you have no idea where to start. Where do you begin? Before you start getting overwhelmed with all of the options, let’s look at a few questions you can ask to help narrow down your options.

What Size ID Card Do I Need?

  • CR79 – The CR79 ID card measures 2.05″ x 3.30″ which is just enough space for a photo and a few lines of text. This size is not ideal of custom imagery that is very detailed, bar codes or large images.
  • CR80 – Measuring at 2.13″ x 3.38″, this is the size of a standard credit card. This is the most common size for an ID card.
  • Data collection-sized – This is slightly larger than the CR80, measuring 2.31″ x 3.25″. This size is commonly used when a magnetic strip or bar code is needed.
  • CR100 – CR100 is the go to for government identification. Measuring 2.63″ x 3.88″, it provides plenty of space for information. This size provides a lot of flexibility for extra text, a large photo or detailed designs.

What Functions Do I Need from My ID Card?

It’s a given that all ID cards are used for identification purposes, however some cards have additional function aside from displaying a photo and important text.

  • If you simply need a picture ID, the perfect solution would be either the standard PVC, synthetic paper, or composite material. All will be high quality and look professional.
  • If you’re needing to use the card for access control in addition to identification, a proximity card would be a great fit. Within the card is an RFID chip which interacts with readers to open doors and provide access to secure areas.
  • If you’re wanting your ID card to have the capacity to perform tasks without the extra expense of internal technology, a magnetic stripe card could be a great fit for you. This technology can interact with scanners in several different ways that may be beneficial to your organization.
  • If you’re needing a wide range of functionality, you’re best bet would be a Smart Card. This technology allows access control, recording attendance, making payments and more!

What Are My Security Needs?

  • If you’re especially concerned with ID card security, the standard PVC material is an excellent choice for you. These are very easy to use and are the most affordable option out there.
  • If card security if something that is important to you, synthetic paper cards are a great solution. This material can accommodate up to twelve security features.

Do I Want/Need to Laminate My Card?

Adding laminate to your ID card is a great way to protect your card, lengthen its life and give it an even more professional look.

  • If laminate is not something that you prefer to have, go with PVC or composite cards. Unfortunately, synthetic cards would not be an option in this case because they require lamination.
  • If you’d like a light laminate, PVC will work just fine. However, this will not hold up to heavy lamination because of the increased heat requirement.
  • If you’re looking for heavy lamination, you would need to go with the synthetic paper or composite material. These materials are a bit more durable and can handle the higher temperature requirements.

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