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Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Now Issuing REAL ID Cards

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the new voluntary travel ID Cards are now available. (KTAR NEWS)

These new ADOT issued ID Cards will serve as driver’s licenses and will meet all of the REAL ID security requirements. They will also be required for entering any restricted federal facility, military base or boarding an airplane.

Though the new cards are being issued, residents of Arizona do not have to worry about their current ID card becoming invalid. Eric Jorgensen, director of the Motor Vehicle Division, said, “Citizens have until October 2020 to use their existing ID. That gives them time to make the decision whether or not they need it, whether or not they want it.”

Jorgensen went on to mention two notable differences between the new ID Cards and pre-existing ones. “If it is a REAL ID compliant license, this one will have a little star on the upper corner of it. Any license [issued] that’s not compliant with the federal REAL ID Act [will] state on it, ‘not for federal identification.” Another separating factor between the two cards is the amount of documentation that is required before a REAL ID card can be obtained.

To start the process, residents of Arizona will need to make an appointment through ServiceArizona.com. Residents will then need to show a birth certificate or U.S passport to a representative at one of the eight MVD offices around the state. Additionally, to confirm social security information, a Social Security card or W-2 will be required.

To verify proof of residency, applicants will need to provide two forms such as a utility bill, voter registration card, bank statement, etc.

The new travel ID cards will have an eight year valid through date and will cost $25.

Note: If you are not one that needs to travel on planes or obtain access to restricted federal facilities or military bases, then you do not need the new travel ID card. Arizona residence can opt to alternatively use a passport as their required identification to get through airport security instead of a driver’s license.

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