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Clock-in & Clock-out: What Technology is Available or My Employees

Clock-in & Clock-out: What Technology is Available or My EmployeesPunching the time clock at work has been in effect since as long as the oldest people alive can remember. Though the original terminology referred to physically punching holes in a time card, the concept remains alive today in different forms. In recent decades, technology has allowed for more efficient and fool proof methods for keeping track of employees hours on the job.

Though a variety of methods are still in use, workers today have the capability of using their employee ID badge to clock in to record their hours for payroll purposes. No longer are ID badges only used for identification security, but now carry a very wide range of uses. With current technologies, employees can clock-in, gain access to secure locations, check out equipment and much more. Here is a list of card technologies that can assist with these different functions:

  • Barcodes – Barcodes can be used to easily track inventory and record processes with a barcode scanner.
  • QR Codes – This is a 2D barcode which can hold more information than a standard barcode and can be scanned with a smartphone or camera. They can give access to websites and other data and have a very wide range of potential uses for ID cards.
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards – This technology can be swiped through a card reader to verify information that is contained within the magnetic strip.
  • RFID – Cards that contain an RFID chip can transmit information to a compatible chip reader. This can allow for access control and other contactless uses.
  • Smart Cards – This is similar to RFID technology but can actually read and write data. They are used for more complex applications such as payments and are adaptable to a variety of check-in / check-out functions.
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