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ID Card Encoding: What are Your Options?

ID Card Encoding: What are Your Options?Due to a variety of encoding options, ID card function far surpassed the visual identification element. With this added capability, an employee ID card can be used to pay for parking, provide access control, punch the time clock, check out equipment / material and more! If you’re unfamiliar with the options, here is more information about some of the encoding methods.

The Barcode

Barcodes are a simple and effective encoding option. This is one of the more common options because it does not require additional equipment and can be used in a variety of ways. The only thing you need, aside from your printer and blank cards, is software with barcode creating capability.

The Magnetic Stripe

This encoding option is also very popular and has been in use for quite a while. This technology is used for anything from hotel room keys to gift cards and credit cards. In order to encode magnetic stripe cards you will need a printer with encoding capability or a separate encoding device.

The Smart Card

The smart card terminology is used to refer to several different types of encodable cards. This encoding option is rapidly becoming more popular because of the large quantity of information that can be stored on the card. In order to encode a smart card, you will need the following:

  1. A printer with smart card encoding functionality.
  2. Smart cards.
  3. Encoding software.

The Proximity Card

The proximity card is a specific type of smart card which only needs to be within a certain range of the card reader in order to be verified. This is great because it increases the life of the card due to not requiring the card to be swiped like a magnetic stripe card. This is perfect for those who need to verify information quickly. This technology also requires a printer with encoding capability and encoding software. Additionally, this technology requires that you install a reader system wherever the card needs to be verified.

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