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Workplace Safety: Avoiding Accidents with ID Cards on the Job

Workplace Safety: Avoiding Accidents with ID Cards on the JobIn most industries, it’s considered an essential part of operations to have all employees wear their ID badge on the job. Typically, this presents no concern in terms of safety of the wearer. However, in some cases, employees are required to do some physical tasks that could cause hazardous scenarios.

Lanyards and Safety Conflicts

For instance, if an ID badge is worn around the neck by a lanyard, this could put the employee at risk of being strangled if the lanyard is caught on a piece of equipment or machinery. Additionally, those who work in operations, transportation or logistics often engage in activity that is incompatible with lanyard usage. This could be relatively inconvenient since lanyards are the most popular way to display an ID badge.

So, what do individuals in those industries do?

The Solution

Fortunately, there are convenient alternatives available for displaying ID badges while maintaining the safety of the wearer.

One solution is the “yo-yo” or “zip-reel” attachment. This accessory uses a retractable, spring-mounted string that the badge is attached to. It can easily be extended when necessary and returns to a safe position wherever it is clipped. This safety accessory is particularly helpful when the badge needs to be swiped or scanned on a day to day basis.

Secondly, you can use a badge clip to secure the badge close to the body without it dangling into a dangerous position. This is one of the more basic options and it’s quite effective if you always need your badge to be seen but don’t necessarily need to swipe it through a card reader.

Finally, one of the most secure and helpful accessories is the arm-band. This is a clear vinyl holder which is held in place on the upper arm by a stretchable strap. The ID card is inserted into the holder and is easily seen. It is completely hands free and doesn’t interfere with any safe, workplace practices.

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