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Brick Kiln Workers to Receive ID Cards from Punjab Government

According to the Punjab Minister of Labor, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, the majority of the issues for brick kilns workers are due to the fact that National ID Cards (NICs) are simply unavailable. In light of this, the Punjab government will be making national ID cards available with the help of NADRA Punjab. (PakistanToday.com)

In the fifth meeting of Provincial Committee for Abolition of Bonded Labor, which Sarwar was presiding over, it was informed that under the new ordinance for the abolition of child labor, the Punjab government had directed brick kilns workers and owners to bring their employment and advance contract in black and white for the purpose of discouraging the advance payment system.

The minster also mentioned that a large project had already been implemented across the province to fight against the worst forms of child labor and to bring restoration to families affected by it. However, this is only the first phase and has only taken effect in ten districts. Eventually the project will extend to other districts as the second and third phases are implemented.