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The Top 3 Accessories for ID Badges

Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with your ID badges? There are a lot to choose from and it can be frustrating to decide which is going to be the most efficient and cost effective. According to our customers, here are the top 3 accessories for your ID badges:

The Top 3 Accessories for ID BadgesLanyards

Lanyards are great for the customer service professional. Often customers are looking for an employee who can answer questions for them. Having a colorful or unique lanyard can make it much easier for them to identify you as an employee. Another great thing about lanyards is their ability to be customized. You can go with something simple or you can integrate custom colors and logos into the design. We’ve found that many of our customer love this flexibility and we think you will too!

The Top 3 Accessories for ID Badges
 ID Badge Clips

Badge clips are a great go to if you’re looking for something simple and dependable. They are perfect for those needing to have their ID badges present at all times, but aren’t looking to be flashy. Badge clips can be worn on the shirt, jacket or collar and are very functional for the every day office worker.

ID Badge Reels

The Top 3 Accessories for ID BadgesAnother great ID badge accessory is the badge reel. These are great for individuals who need to frequently present or swipe their ID but don’t necessarily want it to be front and center. The badge reel is much like the badge clip in that it can be worn stationary and close to the body. It’s major difference is the added ability to pull out and retract ID badges without ever having to unhook them from the clip. Because of the ability to easily present ID badges at will, the badge real can be worn in a more discrete location such as inside a jacket or on your belt. Of course you’re still allowed to wear it out in the open, but the flexibility is there if you would prefer not to.

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