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The Best Way to Create ID Badges

It’s no mystery why company ID badges are so prevalently worn in the marketplace today, and as a person working in the identification industry, I’ve been made aware on numerous occasions of the horrors of identification mishaps. Though I could go on and on about why you should create ID badges for your organization, that’s not what today’s post is all about. Instead of talking about the WHY, let’s talk about the WAY.

Keep it Simple

Ever heard of K.I.S.S? “Keep it simple, stupid..” It’s a very harsh way of saying, “less is more”. Nonetheless, you get the point. Yes, you want your customer’s to notice your efforts toward identification security, but you don’t want to make their eyes bleed. Color is great, but overdoing it can potentially cause you to look unprofessional.

Make sure the information on the card is visible and easy to read. Maybe you did picked that “perfect” color combination, but if no one can read the information on your ID badge, then the point of “identification security” is lost.

Keep the text very minimal. Even if it’s easy to read, too much text makes it practically impossible to verify your credentials quickly. That’s not helpful to your customer. Use concise titles and keywords that will help you customer identify the information they need. If they can quickly and easily see your credentials, they are more likely to feel comfortable and safe.

Use a Company Logo

This may be a given, but I’ve seen plenty of ID badges that did not have a company logo. If you were receiving a legal document that asked you for personal information, you could expect to see a letter head right? I know I would. Give yourself some credibility and add that company logo to your ID badges. It certainly won’t hurt you, and more than likely, it will help your customers feel confident about your professionalism.

Use Your Photo

It should go without saying that your ID badge needs to have your picture on it. In addition to that, the picture needs to be your best one. If you’re unsure about how to take a great photo, have a look at my previous how to post, How to Take the Best Card ID Photo.

There is no reason why you should look like Oscar the Grouch in your ID badge photo. An ID badge photo says a lot about a person and if your photo is making people feel uneasy, then you’ve missed the mark. Your photo should capture the brightest version of who you are. Make sure you’re smiling and looking presentable. If you don’t currently have a photo like that, put in the effort to make that happen. Haven’t you met those people who are humiliated by the way they look in their photo? Don’t do that to yourself. You won’t regret having a great ID badge photo.


What are you thoughts? Any more ideas on the best way to create ID badges?

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