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The Top 3 Holders for ID Badges

Looking for holders for your ID badges? Given that there are so many options, I know it can be a challenge to make the best choice. In order to help you narrow it down, here are the 3 most popular holders for ID badges:

Top Holders for ID Badges
Vinyl Sleeve ID Badge Holder

Vinyl sleeves are perfect for the individual who is looking to add a bit of protection to their ID badge but doesn’t need to frequently remove it from the sleeve. Due to the material that is used, getting the badge in and out isn’t a swift process. Not to say that you can’t take the badge out at all, it just wasn’t designed for that nature of use. Additionally, this material is sensitive to high heat scenarios, so if you’re needing to leave it in areas that are not temperature controlled, the vinyl sleeve may not be the right fit for you. Casual, indoor use is the optimal environment for the vinyl sleeve.

Hard Sleeve ID Badge Holder

Top Holders for ID BadgesHard sleeves are similar to the vinyl sleeves in that they provide great protection for your ID badges. Unlike the vinyl sleeve, however, hard sleeves are great for heavy duty and outdoor use. They are weather resistant and can function well in an environment that is not temperature controlled. Another benefit is that they allow you to frequently remove ID badges with ease, which further differentiates it from the vinyl sleeve. Hard sleeves are also a better choice if you’re using proximity ID badges because they are less susceptible to bending. This is important because a proximity badge can be ruined if the antenna coil on the inside gets damaged. Though the hard sleeve is slightly bulkier than the vinyl sleeve, it proves to be more suitable for a wide variety of environments and applications.

Top Holders for ID BadgesRed Zip-lock Plastic Sleeve ID Badge Holder

Red zip-lock plastic sleeves are another great choice for your ID badges. These fall in between the vinyl and the hard sleeve. They add great protection and function well in different environments. Though the material is more like the vinyl sleeve, it is similar to the hard sleeve in that it is weather resistant and can handle heat fairly well. A unique feature of the zip lock sleeve is that it provides a complete enclosure around your ID badges which gives even more protection against water or other liquid damage. Another interesting feature is that it can actually hold more than one badge at a time and is fairly easy to get ID badges in and out. This is of great use for individuals who need different ID badges for different purposes throughout the day.

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