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Designing your ID Badges: Overcoming Designer’s Block

Designing your ID Badges: Overcoming Designer's BlockThe other day one of my co-workers was working on a design for a client. As many of your can relate, she found herself in a rut, not knowing how to take her design concept to the next level. After hours of fiddling with it, she pulled me in to see if I could offer any sage advice. It turns out I didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know, but just having me voice my opinion helped her to make the adjustments she was looking for. If you’re stuck in a case of designer’s block, here are a few tips that may help:

Peer Reviews

Just like I mentioned above, having someone take a look at your work can really help to boost the creative flow. Obviously, this someone needs to be an individual that has your respect and trust. But, let them give you honest feedback. Even if you don’t end up moving in the direction that they advise, it can still be of assistance to know what another person wants to see. In the end, you’ll create your design with a little more thought, a different perspective and maybe even a little more relevance.

Get Inspired by Other ID Badges or Artistic Works

I know, I know, you want to do something original and you don’t want to be a copy cat. Well, every piece of art is an inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration comes from abstract things, nature or even another piece of art. There is no shame in being inspired by someone else’s inspiration. Obviously, you don’t want to precisely reproduce what someone else has done. That isn’t going to produce a uniquely marketable look for your ID badges, but go ahead and see what other people are doing. You can always implement a concept that speaks to you and make it your own. Sometimes it just makes good sense to glean from the people who are doing it right.

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