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PACT Organization Printing Child ID Cards in Ridgecrest, CA

PACT Organization Printing Child ID Cards in Ridgecrest, CAIn Ridgecrest, California, the Police and Community Together (PACT) organization has printed Child ID cards on an annual basis over the course of the last 20 years. This year, PACT will begin printing the cards on a monthly basis. The first session was held at the Heritage Club House in Heritage Village on JAN 9.

Captain of the Child ID program, Barbara Pudgorski, says that they plan to make the events as accessible as possible to families. They plan to print the Child ID cards on the second Monday of each month. She also mentioned that they intend to use a different location every month so that families with limited transportation resources will be able to attend at the location nearest to them.

About the Child ID Cards

The cards will contain the child’s photo, physical description, name and date of birth. The card is intended to be carried by the parent or guardian so that rescuers can know what to look for in the event that the child becomes lost or is abducted.

Pudgroski went on to emphasize that the cards should be updated regularly. “You should get it done every year. They [the kids] change a lot,” she said.

The cards are primarily for younger children, however, parents are permitted to request an ID for a child of an older age or for a special needs adult. The header of the ID card will display, “Ridgecrest Child ID,” but that information can be adjusted to indicate that the child has special needs or autism, for example.

About PACT

PACT is a volunteer organization that allows citizens the opportunity to work together with the police department for the purpose of combatting crime. Though, PACT volunteers do not make arrest or take any other enforcement action, they must pass a rigorous background check.

Aside from the Child ID Cards program, PACT helps the police department with administrative support, anti-graffiti efforts and reporting suspicious activity in surrounding neighborhoods.

The program began back in 1991 when the chief of police requested volunteers to help in the office, giving officers the ability for more time outside on duty. Since then it’s been a thriving program. In 2016 alone, 12,975 volunteer hours were mobilized.

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