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Getting Back Up After a Big Fat Failure

Getting Back Up After a Big Fat FailureAs the leader, you are the one who is responsible for the results. So, what happens when you deliver a big fat fail? As the leader, you have to take full responsibility for the failure. Here are a few tips for getting back on the right foot after a huge fail.

Take Full Responsibility – It can be hard and even scary to admit a failure. Regardless of how scary it may be, you still have to own it and admit it to yourself and to others. You simply cannot get back on track until you take responsibility for the failure.

Show Remorse – The truth is, our mistakes effect others. We aren’t just hurting ourselves when we miss the mark. We should express remorse and sorrow for the hurt that our failure caused. If you don’t feel remorse, I suggest you take a hard look at how much others have had to pay for your mistake. Put yourself in their shoes.

Immediately Take Resolving Action – If you caused a huge tear because of your mistake, you need to take it upon yourself to work toward the repair. Maybe there isn’t anything you can do, but you still need to offer yourself to find the repairing solutions. Don’t simply leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

Just remember that it’s part of the human experience to fail. It’s almost a right of passage. You cannot go throughout this life and win every single time. We all have challenges to work through and those challenges result in failures. The main objective is to always get back up, learn from your mistakes and move forward with courage and determination.