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What are You Believing about Yourself? Is it True?

What are You Believing about Yourself? Is it True?Often we can list a whole slew of reasons why we failed to succeed at work or in another area of our life. However, at some point you have to take responsibility for why things aren’t measuring up. Regardless of what we point the finger to, the real reason we don’t succeed is contained within our own beliefs. We act based on what we believe. If we believe that we aren’t good enough, then we will ultimately achieve results that aren’t good enough. It’s time to let go of limiting beliefs and move forward with the right way of thinking. Here are a few tips for changing the story that you’re living out.

Recognize Your Self Commentary

We have commentary running through our minds constantly. This commentary is a result of what we believe based on our life experiences. Though it often feels unconscious, we do have the power to change it.

Take Note of What You’re Hearing

When you begin hearing and feeling negativity, take a minute and write it down so that you can get a clear picture of the story that you’re telling yourself. This could be a fear that you live with every day or a nagging thought that you are going to let everyone down. Whatever it is, make note of it. Again, we will act on what we believe and until you get a clear picture of what you’re believing about yourself, you will not be able to change it.

Analyze The Story

Now that you’ve jotted it all down, it’s time to analyze the commentary. Is what you’re hearing based on what is actually true? Are you really a bad speaker or did you just lose confidence based on a past experience? You do not have to accept that narrow perspective.

Acknowledge the Truth

Most of the time what you feel is based on a fear and is not actually true. We often will drum up scenarios in our heads that aren’t reality and then we approach everything that we do from a position of insecurity. When those scenarios pop into your mind, the best thing to do is simply let go and begin to speak the truth into your situation. Again, we act on what we believe and we believe what we listen to. Stop listening to the lies and start listening to the truth. So, begin telling yourself what is true and you will begin to move away from the limiting beliefs that have worked to hold you back.