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Why You Need to Take a Lunch Break

Lunch BreakWe live in a very fast paced society. Productivity and hard work are highly valued, but it often comes at a great cost. We’re more stressed than ever and end up having to work longer hours just to keep our productivity high. Is this really the best method though? I think not. We should be working smarter, not harder. In this post I want to talk about the importance of taking a lunch break.

Are You Skipping Your Lunch Break?

We all have a lot to accomplish, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that a recent study by Right Management determined that only 1 in 5 employees actually take a real lunch break. The idea of working through lunch every once in a while sounds harmless but it really adds up if it becomes the culture of your workplace.

Our minds and bodies are designed to only be able to stay focused and productive in bursts. Eventually we need to let our minds and our bodies rest, recharge and refuel. Both breaks and meals have a benefit to our body, so it’s important that we aren’t constantly skipping them.

Why You Need a Lunch Break

Energy / Stamina – As you know, your body needs fuel. Sure, it’s ok to skip a meal every once in a while. However, on the whole, we need to keep ourselves refueled. Not only will we be distracted by feelings of hunger but we’re likely to also feel lethargic and unfocused. This is a killer for productivity!

Creativity / Clarity – Studies have shown that simply changing your environment can boost your creativity. So, even though you may actually eat something, when you stay at your desk all day you limit your ability to function creatively. The simple act of going to a different location and having a meal will flip the switch on creativity and mental clarity.

So, there you have it. Taking a lunch break kills two birds with one stone. When you take a lunch break, you give your body and your mind a boost of energy, clarity and creativity. So, take that lunch break and you will come back to work ready for a productive afternoon!