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Going Green with Biodegradable PVC Cards

Biodegradable PVC CardsIn today’s culture, being earth-friendly is something that is highly prized and respected. Many organizations are looking for ways to be as cooperative as possible in terms of minimizing negative impact on the environment.

Historically, the standard for ID cards has always been PVC plastic. This material is made out of petroleum which allows the cards to essentially last forever. That can be great in terms of durability, but the down side is that they never breakdown after being thrown away which is a big negative for eco-friendliness. Is there a solution for this problem? Yes!

Biodegradable PVC Cards

As you may already know, biodegradable means that the material will break down without leaving toxins behind. Though biodegradable PVC cards do break down, they will not do so unless they are placed in a fertile, microorganism-rich environment. This means that, with normal use, the cards will maintain their integrity for every day identification purposes. Biodegradable PVC cards will preform identically to the standard PVC that you’ve used in the past. They can be printed just like regular cards and are compatible with any ID card printer on the market!

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