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When and How Should I Use Sticky Cards?

Sticky CardsAdhesive-backed or “sticky cards” are an interesting breed. Though they are not as commonly used as traditional or technology cards, they can be quite effective for certain uses.

The sticky cards carry the same dimensions of a credit card and can be printed on a standard ID card printer. Once the cards are printed, they can easily be peeled from their backing and adhered to another surface or card.

They are primarily used in conjunction with clamshell or technology cards. The technology cards are great because they can be programmed with data and adding sticky cards to the surface of the card can be a great way to save money on the technology cards when needing to retain the data while switching out the credentials of the card holder.

When an employee leaves the organization or moves to another department, their photo ID information can be peeled off in which case you can simply adhere another employees photo ID information to the surface of the card.

The CR79 sticky cards work very well with the clamshell cards because they perfectly fit onto the card without leaving any sticky edges. However, it should be noted that the CR79 size does not fit all ID card printers. It’s advised that you check your printer’s compatibility with this card size.

Other available sticky card options include:

  • Mylar-backed cards – The mylar material is a but less flexible than paper which prints more like a standard ID card would. This results in fewer card jams and a better flow over the rollers.
  • Paper-backed cards – Though these are less expensive they the mylar-backed cards, the quality is not as high. Because they are a more flexible material they can more frequently cause jams in the printer.

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