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How Will You be Remembered? Do You Know the Answer?

Steve Jobs: RememberedIf you’ve had any introspective moments in your life at all, I’m sure you’ve arrived at the thought, “How will I be remembered?” It’s one that we all consider from time to time. It’s an eye opening question and, if we’re honest with ourselves, can deeply impact how we move into the future. So, how to you know what kind of legacy you’re leaving behind? Here are a few things you can do to help you answer that question:

  1. Evaluate the nature of your social media activity. Does it show who you really are? If so, does  it make you feel proud of ashamed? Are all of your posts self-serving or do they serve others?
  2. Evaluate the nature of your friendships. Are you surrounded by people who are having a positive impact on you and making a lasting difference on their own? Do you even have any real friends? If not, what does that say about you and your ability to impact and influence others?
  3. Is your behavior consistent throughout the whole of your life? Do you behave differently when you think no one is looking or do you live a life of integrity and authenticity? If your behavior is inconsistent, evaluate what is different and why.
  4. Evaluate your relationship with money and possessions. Is financial stability and material possessions the most important thing is your life? Is it your source of happiness? Would you choice wealth over healthy relationships? Would you still be able to lead a fulfilling life if those things were taken away?
  5. Ask for honest feedback about your character. Find a few individuals whom you trust to be brutally honest with you and have them fill you in on what it’s like to interact with you. Receive constructive criticism with humility and take steps toward improving the weaker parts of your character.

This all may sound a little scary and difficult, but the more self aware you are, the more likely you are to make good decisions and leave a lasting legacy. In turn, you will improve you overall joy and fulfillment in live. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the things that will benefit you the most.

So, how will you be remembered? Accept the challenge of answering that question for yourself today. It will undoubtedly change you for the better.