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The Big 4 of Customer Service

Customer ServiceWhen it comes to maintaining a healthy and thriving business, it’s important to remember that your customers are the ones that actually keep your business alive. Without them, you simply can’t exist as a organization. With that said, understanding what it means to provide quality customer service is essential. Here are four tips for executing exceptional customer service:

  1. Listen Well – When a customer is coming to you with an issue, they simply want to be heard. Sometimes, even if the customer isn’t able to get what they are asking for, it helps them to know that you care and want to help them. You can help them to feel cared for by being intentional about conveying that you understand exactly what they need. Before you make assumptions about their needs, hear them out and ask questions to help clarify. Most of the time there is an acceptable resolution, but even there isn’t, they’re likely to be a repeat customer if they know you care and want to help them.
  2. Explain – As an employee, all of the details about your operations are very clear to you. The customer doesn’t have that same level of clarity about how things are managed and processed. Take the time to explain how your systems work so that they can gain clarity and have realistic expectations about their dealings with you. If the customer is left in the dark, they can become very frustrated, impatient and even angry when their experience doesn’t line up with their expectation.
  3. Be Apologetic – When a customer brings it to your attention that something has gone wrong, apologize. It’s obviously not your standard or intention to deliver problematic services so be sure to acknowledge and validate their complaint. It’s not a very hard thing to do and it will make them feel better. Then, go out of your way to resolve the issue and let them know what steps you’ve been taking to bring resolution.
  4. Be Appreciative and Authentic – Your customers are real people and they deserve to be treated with respect. After all, they are giving you business and you need to express to them that they are valued. Use their name when you’re speaking with them and find ways to prove your sincerity. Keep in mind how you would feel if you were the customer and deal with them as though it were you on the other end of the line. Most people can identify when you’re not being sincere so it’s important to be able to empathize with them during your interaction.