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Improve Your Health: Go Outside!

Improve Your Health: Go Outside!Remember when our days were spent running around outside only to come in when you got unbearably thirsty or mom called you in for dinner? Well it turns out that did us a lot of good as kids. Being outside has a lot of benefits, but unfortunately our adults lives don’t always allow us to reap them. Here are a few reasons why you should work outside time into your schedule:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is at an all time high. As Americans, we just don’t tend to get enough of it through our diet. Vitamin D does a whole slew of wonderfully essential things in our body and going outside will help to boost your Vitamin D levels in a big way! If you want your body to function more optimally, spend some time outside.

Physiological Well-Being

Being outside is great for your mental health. It’s been connected with increased activity in the portion of the brain that is responsible for love, emotional stability and empathy in addition to boosted serotonin levels and attention span improvements.

Improved Sleep

Our circadian rhythm is what is responsible for our sleep patterns and it is directly correlated with the rising and falling of the sun. Unfortunately, due the modern lighting, most of us suffer from a disruption of our circadian rhythm. A few days a week spent outside will help to get your back on a normal pattern. If you’re sleep is suffering, go outside!


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