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More Sleep = Greater Achievement

More Sleep = More AchievementIn such a fast paced world, our U.S. culture has placed an enormous value on personal achievement. That hyper focus on achievement, however, often comes with a price. Sleep deprivation. We give up our times of rest in an attempt to achieve more, but is that actually doing more harm than good? Let’s take a look at how more sleep = greater achievement:

Improve Memory

When you sleep your mind is surprisingly active. As your body lies still, your mind is rehearsing skills and strengthening memories from your daily activities. If you’re in the process of learning something new, you will actually preform better after sleep. Whether physical or mental, you can learn up to a certain point with practice, but sleeping actually helps to enhance those skills making you better the next time you try.

Boost Creativity

Boston College and Harvard University researchers found that the emotional components of a memory are strengthened during sleep, which may actually help activate the creative process. Get a good night’s sleep and your paintbrush may just reflect your inner Bob Ross!

Reduce Stress

In terms of your overall health, sleep and stress levels go hand in hand. Both are important to maintain and both have a role in cardiovascular health. If your overwhelmed by stress and a lack of sleep, your performance will certainly suffer. Getting that extra hour or two of sleep each night will do wonders in terms of helping your cope with the stress of day to day life. In turn, you’ll be more energized to accomplish your lofty goals!

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