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Uncap Your Team’s Potential: Identifying the Lid on Leadership

Uncap Your Team's Potential: Identifying the Lid on LeadershipDeveloping a solid team to accomplish a goal can be a challenge. As the person in charge of the team, you have to separate the leaders from the managers and delegate accordingly. Sometimes asking people to step up into a leadership position goes really well and other times it’s a huge disappointment. So, what makes the difference between the successes and the failures? Leadership capacity. When someone has hit their capacity or “leadership lid”, they become incapable of taking things to the next level and should not have anything else added to their plate. Being able to identify this is critical to the team’s overall success. Here are a few signs that an individual has reached his/her leadership lid:

Not Learning / Growing

When someone stops trying to get better at what they do, you shouldn’t give them more responsibility. Leadership capacity increases on an individual basis. If someone is not motivated for self leadership, their leadership capacity will not increase which means that they are not building a foundation that can carry more weight.

Low Energy / Not Proactive

When an individual begins to display low energy levels or a lack of initiative, that is a good indication that they are managing more than they are suited for. We all have a enormous amount of things to accomplish, but those with a high leadership lid will figure out a why to get it all done without having a mental breakdown. Keep an eye out for those that never seem to get bogged down by what’s on their plate. Chances are they have been able to handle a high work load because they have been good stewards of their time and resources. They will continue in this pattern regardless of how heavy or light their work load is. In like manner, individuals with a low leadership lid will seem to always be overwhelmed even when their work load isn’t particularly heavy.

Not Recruiting / Training

Identify the individuals that are pulling in people around them. Part of being a good leader is getting help from other people. Good leaders accomplish great things because they build a team and enlist others to help them accomplish those great things. If someone on your team is trying to do everything on their own, they are in a dangerous spot. This is a good indication that they are lacking in the leadership department.

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