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Employee Appreciation: Revealing Value Through Leadership

Employee Appreciation: Revealing Value Through LeadershipEvery person that walks the face of the earth has a desire to feel that they have value. That can mean something different for each person, but the truth is, there is no escaping that desire. It’s hardwired into us. In fact, if we don’t feel valuable, we don’t perform at our highest level. So, how can you get your employees to perform at their highest level? Employee appreciation.

Revealing Value

Now, when I say “employee appreciation”, I don’t necessarily mean that you should buy a big cake and have an Employee Appreciation Extravaganza at the office. Though calling a party an extravaganza does make it more fun, a party doesn’t add value to the employees on an individual basis. Think about the future of your organization. Think about what could be accomplished if your employees bought in to your vision for the future. So, how does that happen? It happens when you, as the leader, invest in those in your sphere of influence. Yeah, it’s hard work, but it’s up to you to reveal the value of those around you. I know that what I’m saying is easier said than done, but the truth is, most good things aren’t easy. The toughest projects usually end up being the most rewarding and this is no exception.

Invest in Yourself

So, what’s the first step? Simple. Invest in yourself. Revealing your employee’s value begins with working on your own personal leadership development. Whether you’re leading an entire company or leading a team within a bigger organization, you could stand to improve your leadership skills. Find a good leadership development resource and take time during the week to learn some healthy leadership habits. Even if you’re simply listening to a leadership podcast once a week, you will begin to see progress if you’re taking it seriously. You won’t do a good job revealing the value in others if you don’t understand your own.

The Spillover Effect

Think about it this way. Try to imagine that you’re a cup and every time you invest in your personal leadership development, that cup begins to fill with water. Now, think about trying to intentionally fill the cup so much that it overflows. That overflow will touch everything that surrounds the cup. You want to be brimming with leadership success, so much so that it touches everyone around you. Sure, this will naturally happen when you grow as a leader but you should be intentionally doing this for the purpose of helping others to realize their value. In the end they will grow and the upward momentum will bring great success.

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