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Success, Wealth and the Secret to Your Dreams

ADaylas the owner and vision caster of a Kingdom giving business, I have had to come to understand what I believe about success. What I’m beginning to understand is that true success comes when we decide to wholeheartedly live our lives for the purpose of pleasing Him. God’s intention for our lives is to bring about our ultimate joy and when we seek to be obedient to His commands, we put ourselves in a position to receive what he intended for us. Whether or not your life looks like a success to other people is irrelevant if you’re honoring God in all that you do. That is true success.

Wealth = Gratitude

Being wealthy can be defined in one word— gratitude. In the world we live in, we’re taught that we need to always have something new, something more. Is that really what is pleasurable about this life that we live? For those of you who believe in God, do you think that He intended for us to feel the void of always needing something we don’t have? This is a mentality that is contrary to the heart of God and does not lead to our ultimate joy. We are truly wealthy when we can look at what we have and feel a wellspring of worship in our hearts toward God for being our provider. In the end you may acquire a large amount of wealth, but it’s only because of God’s goodness. Give God your gratitude.

The Secret to Your Dreams

I believe that God places passions in our heart that correspond with what He has called us to. He has a plan for all of us. Now, we can decide to pursue those passions with the intention of honoring Him or with the intention of personal gain. Many people have succeeded in seeking only personal gain, but the truth is, God has so much more in mind than personal gain alone. Yes, God does want prosperity for us, but he also wants His name to known by every person who walks the face of the earth. Use your passions as a means to bring glory to Him and don’t let fear stand in your way.