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Is Loving Your Job Important to Your Life’s Fulfillment?

Is it Important to Love Your Job?In this day and age, it’s been highly revered to have the job that you love. According to American culture, this is what is going to bring you satisfaction in life. Granted, having a job that you love is an excellent thing to strive for but is it really going to fulfill you totally? With millions of people looking for work, most of them aren’t going to land in their dream job. At least not right away. So, is it realistic to put the weight of your life’s fulfillment on your job? Can you have joy in life even if you don’t have the job that you love?

When you look at history, the world has not always been booming with technology and new opportunity. There really hasn’t ever been a “dream job” culture until the 20th century when innovation started taking serious strides. How did those people make it through life without their dream job? They found joy in the many joyful things that life has to offer.

The Joy of Productivity

Have you ever felt the sweeping sense of happiness when you complete everything on your to do list? Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed each task, you feel great about the fact that you got a lot done. You don’t always have to love the job or tasks that you’re doing but you can love the way that you do them. You can find joy in your work ethic and your ability to get things done. Realistically, when you treat your unsavory job tasks with excellence, you’re more likely to get promoted or move on to another job that fits better into your interests. So, be positive and enjoy it that way when you do your job.

The Joy of Hope

Another way that you can find joy in a the midst of an unpleasant work scenario, is to embrace hope for a better future. No one is in control of your life but you. No one is forcing you to stay in a job that you don’t love. If you know what it is that you’d rather be doing, begin taking steps towards that end goal. It may take some time or training, but initiating the process can give you a glimpse of hope for a better future. Don’t procrastinate and wallow in self-pity. Be diligent and work toward something better. As I mentioned previously, you will also find joy in being productive and pro-active.

The Joy of Life Passions

If you can find a job that coincides with your passion, you’ve got it made in the shade. However, the reality is that most people don’t get to sit under that tree. Many people are pursuing their passions but have yet to be able to financially support themselves through it. Ultimately, even if you can’t make a living at what you love doing, your life is going to be better and more enjoyable when you’re making time for the things that you love. Maybe it’s just a hobby, or maybe you can make extra money doing it but the point is that you need to do it. Maybe, at some point, it can turn into something more sustainable but it never will if you don’t decide to start.

The Joy of Relationship

When it’s all said and done what really matters the most is the impact that you made on people. If all you have to leave behind is a skill that made you lots of money, you really missed the mark. People are what matter the most. Whether you enjoy a job or not, make time for the people that you love and live your life in a way that will benefit those around you. This is the most significant of all of the joys of life because it transcends the here and now. The impact that you make on others will leave a mark on this world that goes far beyond your last day on earth.