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New Veteran ID Card in Ohio Providing Connection to Benefits

In recent news, due to a new state law, veterans of Ohio can now get a new veteran ID card from the state which will be considered a valid form of identification.

Now, when applying for the veteran ID card, the important government information and documents will be kept online by the state. This will increase the ease by which veterans are able to apply for social services or family burial benefits.

According to Republican State Rep. Marlene Anielski, the veteran ID card will also carry another significant purpose. “You can also use this ID for voting as well. And for those veterans who perhaps are homeless or cannot afford a state ID, they will be able to use this,” said Anielski.

Veterans can acquire these new ID cards from county recorder’s offices. It’s been stated that local communities will be permitted to charge up to $2 for the cards, but it’s anticipated that many will likely not charge for the cards at all.

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