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Non-Expiring ID Cards Now Available for Seniors

For the first time in history, the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is offering non-expiring ID cards to seniors over the age of 65. (WEAU)

Mark Porter, the Department of Transportation Program Supervisor said, “This is a great thing for senior people that already have an identification card that may be homebound, in a nursing home, or are unable to renew their identification card.” Porter went on to say that the ID cards can be renewed on location at a local DMV or online.

“What they would do is apply online. We’d use their latest picture on record and issue them the non-expiring card,” Porter noted.

What is Different about the New ID Cards?

According to Porter, the cards themselves will basically look the same as a standard driver’s license of identification card. The only difference will be that the expiration date will say “non-expiring.”

The catch is that it is illegal to have a non-expiring ID and a driver’s license at the same time. Those who wish to acquire a non-expiring ID must forgo their driving privileges. Additionally, if a senior obtains the ID card in Wisconsin, they will be ineligible for a driver’s license in other states as well.

To get more information about the non-expiring ID cards, visit the Wisconsin DMV’s website.