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Product Spotlight: Custom Badge Reels vs. Lanyards

When it comes to sporting your company ID badge, lanyards and badge reels are at the top of the list. Many companies that we’ve worked with have gone these two routes overwhelmingly because of their ability to be customized and their consistency in functionality and durability. On our website you will find a wide variety of options that are a great fit for any company’s identification security program. If you’re on the fence about which way to go, here’s a little more info to help you narrow it down:

Custom Badge ReelCustom Badge Reels

Custom badge reels are an excellent choice for individuals who need quick access to their ID badge for swiping or scanning purposes. Often other methods are more tedious to use in this scenario because they were not designed for swiftness. With your custom badge reel, you can simply reach over to your ID badge and extend the cord for a swipe or scan with a single effortless pull. Another great attribute of the badge reel is it’s ability to be kept tucked away close to the body or on the hip, making it a good fit for individuals who work with machinery, in construction or in another similar environments. It’s safe, convenient, comfortable and looks great when customized with your company logo.


Many organization have chosen to use lanyards as their preferred ID badge holder because of their comfort and ease of use. They are a great option for different reasons than the badge reel. Lanyards can actually be of great use for networking and marketing when they are customized with a company logo and/or other contact information. Unlike the badge reel, they are flashy and can easily grab the attention of customers and potential new clients. However, though they are comfortable and effective, they are not a good fit for those that work with machinery or in other hazardous environments.

If you would like more information about custom badge reels and lanyards, give us a call! We would love the opportunity to help you find the right fit for your organization. Call (866) 610-4308


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