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Product Spotlight: QR Codes for ID Badges – Are They Better Than Barcodes?

QR CodesWhen it comes to finding the best data storage and transfer method for ID badges, many organizations have opted for the traditional magnetic strip or RFID technologies. Though these technologies are quite effective, they can be pricey to implement. There are more affordable options out there and one that should be highlighted is the QR Code. Many think the QR code is basically the same as the barcode, but the two are quite different. If you’re looking for a quality alternative to magnetic strip or proxy card technology, here are two big reasons why QR codes may be the way to go.

Data Storage

As I mentioned, many people believe that barcodes and QR codes are pretty much the same thing. Truthfully, they do have some similarities and can serve the same purpose. However, barcodes are one dimensional numeric codes that are capable only of storing 20 characters or less. For the purpose of inventory, this is a great option. It’s simple and effective. However, QR codes are two dimensional and are capable of storing up to 7100 characters. This is because data can be stored vertically and horizontally, unlike the barcode. QR codes can also store more than just numbers. They can hold symbols, control codes and text as well. This significantly over powers barcodes in terms of storage capacity.

Data Restoration

Over time it’s reasonable to assume that both barcodes and QR codes could become damaged or muddled by dirt. When barcodes become damaged, they are no longer capable of transferring any data when scanned. QR codes, on the other hand, are still scannable if they become damaged. They are able to recover 30-35% of damaged data.  In light of this, QR codes are quite superior to the barcodes in their readability. If you’re looking for a consistent way to store large amounts of data at an affordable price, QR codes are the way to go.

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