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Security Features: Improving Your ID Cards

Security Features: Improving Your ID CardsIn businesses today, the desire for security is on the rise. Due to this increase, many organizations have implemented ID cards as an added security measure. Though that is a step in the right direction, let’s take a look at how you can take your company ID cards to the next level.


Holographic Overlay

You may or may not have noticed that your driver’s license has a holographic overlay. Depending on which state you reside, that overlay will be different. That’s intentional. Holographic overlay is unique and hard to duplicate. This is a feature that can help you easily identify when a card is fraudulent. It may seem like a frivolous item, but it can really help enhance your ID cards as a part of your security system.

Security Features: Improving Your ID CardsMagnetic Strips, Barcodes and Proximity ID Cards

Another great feature is information transfer. Magnetic strip, barcodes or proximity ID cards allow you to transmit data with the appropriate card reader. This is a fantastic security feature. Even if an individual was able to duplicate your company’s card design, they would have a very hard time mimicking the same data and card technology. Even just adding a simple code or employee ID number can be an effective use of this type of technology. For a small price increase you can take your security system to new heights.

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