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Successfully Achieving Your Dreams: 4 Critical Steps

DreamsWhen it comes to achieving our big life dreams, many of us fail big. Only a select few actually have a dream that comes to fruition. But, why is that? Is it because they got lucky or had help from a powerful person? Well, in some cases, maybe. But for the majority of people who accomplish their dreams, it didn’t happen on accident. So, what makes the difference between those who accomplish their goals and those who just create them? Let’s take a few critical steps to actually achieve your dreams:

1. Write Down What You Want the Future to Look Like – This step is so critical. Often we imagine a brilliant future but then fail to accept it as a possible reality because we don’t know how to get there. Understanding what you want is way more important that understand how to make it happen. First, write out what you want to see happen and then you can figure out how to get there. Identify the WHAT and the HOW will come.

2. Write Down Your Present Reality – Write down the good, the bad and the ugly of your present reality. You don’t want to focus on all of the problems but you certainly have to identify them if you’re going to find resolve about what to do next and where to go. You cannot overcome challenges that you are blind to.

3. Share Your Vision and Get Buy-in from Others – If your dream is accomplishable without the input and help from others, then you have to ask yourself if you’re thinking big enough. The truth is, you won’t accomplish as much on your own. If you’re not willing to gain insight from others then you’re the hindering factor in your own dream. Think of your vision as wet cement which requires input from others in order to be solidified. Additionally, in order for others to feel excited about coming alongside you, you have to be soled on your own idea. If you’re not soled out to your own vision, you can’t expect anyone else to go there either.

4. Commit to Read Your Dream Regularly – If you’re going to stay the course and accomplish your dreams you have to be very clear about where you’re going. Big dreams are a long term vision and if your eyes are not constantly on the final destination then you’re likely to get involved with things that will take you off course. Read your vision daily, or at least weekly, to keep yourself accountable to where you want to end up. Additionally, when you think about the long term goal, you’re more likely to find the solutions you need. You can’t succeed when you’re stuck in the short term details, focusing on problems. You’re brain can’t easily find solutions when you’re bogged down by all of the details. Free up your mind to think creatively by focusing on the big picture and the solutions will be much easier to find.