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The Best Website for Background Checks

Website for Background ChecksAs I’m sure you know, the web is full of criminal background checks services. The questions is; which is the best website for background checks? Well, that entirely depends on your needs. Knowing what you need from a background check service will help you to narrow down your options. If you’re looking for a simple identity verification then you may be able to find a cheaper option elsewhere, but if you need something a bit more detailed, I’m confident we have what you’re looking for!

What You Can Expect from Us

Our services will instantly search over 430 million criminal records! When I say instantly, I mean instantly. Your results will be accessible from your account on our website and are available within minutes of purchasing your screening. If you’re given a false name or social security number (SSN), you will be alerted to any information that does not match. Our service will expose potential identity fraud by showing multiple names associated with a SSN and will allow you to see any records that occurred prior to a legal name change or marriage.

All of the results are pulled from the most recent records on file and come directly from the following publicly available sources:

  • National Offender Report
  • Single State Criminal Report
  • National Criminal Report

If you’re still on the fence and would like more information about our background checks, don’t hesitate to call us! We would love the opportunity to talk with you about our services!