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The Importance of Background Checks

Though the majority of businesses do include background checks in their application screenings, there are still a good number that don’t. If you’re one that doesn’t and you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider implementing background checks for you job applicants.

Quality of Applicants

One of the most immediate benefits of background checks is the increase in applicant quality. Typically, applicants will be deterred from applying when their background is in conflict with the desired position. Many employers notice this shift when they begin implementing background checks as a pre-employment secure measure.

Reduces Violence in the Workplace

According to The U.S. Department of Commerce, 18% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace. As an employer who’s legally and morally obligated to provide a safe work environment, that’s an alarming statistic and one that you shouldn’t overlook. Knowing whether an applicant has a violent or criminal background can significantly help you determine if that person will pose a threat or be a good fit for the work environment.

Negligent Hiring Liability Protection

Negligent hiring liability holds employers responsible for what they do know in addition to what they should have known about their employees. It can also hold employers responsible for the “off the job” actions of their employees. Courts frequently insist that employers have the obligatory duty of exercising reasonable caution when hiring individuals who may pose a threat to the public.

Reduces Employee Turnover Rate

Bad hires are expensive. Considering the direct and indirect costs associated with wasted wages,  recruiting and training, replacing an employee can cost you anywhere from one to five times the original salary. This unnecessary drain of resources can greatly be reduced by improving your application process with background checks. When you’re quality of applicants improves, the likelihood of making the right hire is much greater.


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