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The Power of a Healthy Routine

RoutineWhen we hear the word routine, it can carry negative connotations. For some it represents a lack of spontaneity. For others it surfaces feelings of being held back to placed in a box. However, we all embrace some form or daily routine whether we acknowledge it or not. We are creatures of habit, as they say. The real question is; are we embracing routines that are helpful or harmful to our overall success in life?

We often create our routines unconsciously around the activities that naturally happen on a daily basis. So, if you’re going to embrace some sort of routine anyway, why not put a little intention behind it and make it work for you. Here are a few ways in which a healthy routine can benefit your life:

  1. Reduce Stress – Though some enjoy the freedom of spontaneity, we really do thrive when there is order in our lives. When we there is some level predictability about our day, we feel more secure in what is ahead, which significantly helps reduce the stress of the unknown.
  2. Improved Performance – When you’ve brought order to your day, it brings clarity to the different time blocks. Since focusing on one thing at a time helps your brain function more optimally, you’ve done yourself a huge favor in terms of productivity. You can now focus on one thing at a time, without worrying about what is next.
  3. Mental State – When you’ve optimized your routine, you put yourself into a groove which helps you to have a clear mental state for tackling the day’s workload. This is huge in terms of your attitude and how you think about the work your doing. A healthy routine can help you to stay positive.
  4. Empowerment  – An intentional routine gives you the power of control, at least over what you actually have the power to control. Life will give you circumstances that you have no power over, but a consistent routine will give you a sense of empowerment even in uncertain circumstances.