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Undercover Officers Crack Down Underage Drinking and Fake IDs at the University of Arkansas

As a new semester begins at the University of Arkansas (UA), the Fayetteville Police Department is starting to heavily crack down on the issue of fake IDs and underage drinking.

The Problem

According to Sgt. Craig Stout, nearly two thirds of UA students are under the legal drinking age yet still manage to purchase and consume alcohol with fake IDs. Stout went on to say, “Whenever the students are in town, obviously this kind of incident does go up.”

Many undercover officers, including Stout, are spending extra time doing checks and confiscating these fake IDs which are typically bought online. Many of these IDs are coming from China and the process has been made quite simple online. “You can upload a picture” and “you can even pick what state you are from,” Stout said.

Spotting Fake IDs

With the right tools and a bit of training most fake IDs can be recognized. It really comes down to the details that are not readily seen by the naked eye, Stout said. There is a special tool which contains a magnifying glass and a few lights which give officers the ability to get a closer look at the cards. Most ID cards have what seem to be small designs on them, however, at a magnified frame, it’s clear that those designs actually spell out words that prove authenticity. “They are very high quality fakes. But, if you know what to look for, they are easy to spot,” Stout said.

When fake ID holders are caught in the act, their driver’s licenses are seized, fake IDs are confiscated and they are issued a ticket and court date. Most occurrences do not result in an arrest.

Here at Fullidentity, our policy is strict on attempts to create Fake IDs and it’s not something we tolerate. In fact we’ve set up systems within our design and ordering process to monitor such activity!

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