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Consider This: What You Should Think About When Designing Your ID Badges

Consider This: What You Should Think About When Designing Your ID BadgesHaving a quality ID badge design gives your organization an opportunity to stand out and brand yourself well. It significantly helps bring your brand identity and personal interaction together. Here are a few  things that you can consider when designing or re-designing your ID badges.

  1. LAYOUT – If you have a larger logo, go with a landscape layout. With this method, you can feature your company logo on one side of the badge and feature the employee photo on the other side. If you have a text based or flat logo, put it across the top and center your employee photo underneath. Either way, if done well, you will have plenty of space for additional, important information. These are simple guidelines and do not have to be followed to the T. Do what looks best. Just be sure to be intentional and give it some thought.
  2. NAME / TITLE FORMAT – ID badges can contain a lot of information. You want to make sure that what is most important is most visible. The name and the title is often the most important information that you want to be initially identifiable. The best place for that information is right underneath or near the employee photo. Make sure it is clear and large enough to read with ease.
  3. EXPIRATION DATE – This is another important piece of information. If the ID badges have an expiration date, be sure that it also is easily seen by those who need to know.
  4. SECURITY FEATURES – If you’re going to implement security features, make sure that everyone is aware of what to look for. Often security features are subtle, which is what makes them effective in preventing fraudulent duplicates. If your team knows what to look for, they can easily spot when a badge is a fraud.

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