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Are You Overcommitted? Here’s What You Should Do

OvercommittedHave you ever found yourself in a season where you had way too much that needed to get done and way too little time to do it? Maybe you’re in that season right now. This is a very common issue, and the truth is, it’s often our own fault because we simply overcommitted ourselves. Fortunately, you can change this dynamic in your life. Here are a few ways you can regain some balance and avoid seasons like this in the future.

Own the Problem – First you have to acknowledge that you’re to blame for your overcommitted schedule. If you’re going to move away from an unhealthy work-life balance, you have to take responsibility for your time and commitments. No one forced you to say yes to everything that came your way.

Define Your Priorities – You simply won’t be able to stay focused on what matters the most if you haven’t defined what your priorities are. You obviously don’t want to be a person who doesn’t stick to commitments, but the goal should be to only commit to what lines up with your priorities. If you have made some non-priority commitments, see if you can delegate the assignments to someone else. If all else fails, it can’t hurt to ask for an extension or to be relieved of the commitment altogether.

Tackle Your Big Rocks – If there is no way out, keep your head up and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These busy seasons do pass. Right now, focus on the next big thing that needs to be accomplished. Block out your schedule so that you can stay focused on one thing at a time and tackle the next most important thing before moving on to something else.

Prioritize Sleep – It’s a common belief that productivity requires us to work long, hard hours. However, what’s more important than working harder is working smarter. If you’re giving up sleep to put in more hours, your work will suffer. You will deliver the best results when you’re well rested. Make it a priority to get great sleep so that when you’re at work, you’re actually giving your best.