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Are There Any Benefits to Seasonal Lanyards for ID Badges?

Seasonal Lanyards for ID BadgesCustom lanyards have become more and more popular among business that utilize ID badges. They really go a long way in helping to add a unique touch to the customer experience. But, what does it look like to take that to the next level? Well, have you ever thought about doing seasonal lanyards for your ID badges? Aside from the practical ways in which custom lanyards can be helpful, would there be any benefit to tweaking them on a seasonal basis? Here are a few reason why I believe it might just play in your favor:

It Catches the eye

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but people are conscious of seasonal color schemes. We change the colors of our clothes, cosmetics and even the background image of our phone when the seasons change. So, will people notice that you’ve made your company flare congruent with seasonal style? Yes, they will. Studies show that when people feel, hear or see something that goes unchanged for long enough, they will tune it out. By tweaking the look of your lanyards, you’re constantly giving your customers a new thing to experience. Sure, they’ll like that your colors are seasonal, but they’ll also notice that you’re doing something new and keeping it fresh.

It’s More Festive

Another thing about people is that they enjoy festive behavior. That’s part of the reason holidays and festivals have lived on for so long, because people enjoy the festive nature of traditions. You’re lanyards don’t have to necessarily reflect the color scheme of a particular holiday, but picking colors that agree with the mood of the season will induce a sense of festive charm into the customer experience. It may not be as dramatic as a store brilliantly littered with Christmas decor, but it certainly won’t be a gesture that goes unnoticed.

Give & Take

When you’re providing a pleasurable experience for customers, it gives them the sense that they are valued. In their eyes, you’re concerned about what they are receiving and not just what you’re receiving from them. As I’ve said in previous posts, anything you can do to give your customer’s this sense is worth doing. If they can feel that you are concerned about their experience, there is a far greater chance that they will return to do business with you again.

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