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Best Security Practices & First Responder ID Badges

First Responder ID BadgesFullidentity is proud to provide ID badges for several different government organizations and first responders across the country. However, when they come to us for the first time or to update their cards, they are not always aware of the security features that we make available to them.

It’s always our goal to provide very professionally looking ID badges, but first responder ID badges should go beyond the goal of looking professional. They should contain security features which enable first responders to operate with integrity.

First Responder ID Badges Should Include:

Address & Phone Number – It’s good to have the address listed for the purpose of assisting in returning lost ID badges. Also, the badge should contain an appropriate phone number to allow anyone the ability to call and verify an officer’s identity.

Department Seal – A department deal is necessary. It should be clear which department the wearer or the ID is representing.

Signature of Supervisor – A signature is very personal and is not easily forged. Having the signature of the department head can be helpful in terms of adding credibility.

Add a Ghost Image – For a step toward even greater security, you’re able to add a second, faint image to the badge. This can help in terms of preventing an individual from simply pasting their photo onto the badge.

Holographic Overlay – A holographic overlay is one of the best and most effective security measures. As the badge is rotated, is will display images that will change colors while appearing and disappearing.

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