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Likability: Do You Have it? Can You Increase it?

Likability: Do You Have it? Can You Increase it?There are many facets to being a great leader. A lot goes into being the kind of person that people want to follow. However, if you’re doing everything you can to get people to follow and nothing seems to be working, you might be lacking in the likability department.

Are you the guy or girl who has lots of passion, drive and vision but can’t seem to get people on your side? If that’s you, here are a few tips for becoming a more likable person.

Increasing Your Likability

  1. Be a Good Listener – If you’re only ever talking about yourself, you’re doing it wrong. People can only care so much about your golf swing or your epic new sports car. If you want to be a likable person, you simply must listen to what others have to share. Don’t you love it when others give you their undivided attention? It makes you feel valued and cared for. So, be that for other people as well.
  2. Ask Good Questions – When you’re wanting to connect with someone on a deeper level but they aren’t quite the conversationalist that you are, learn to ask questions that will get THEM talking instead of trying to take the lead on the conversation. It’s easy for leaders to take charge of their environment and overpower those who have smaller personalities. Ask great questions and get them to lead the direction of the conversation. It can really help your ability to learn the most about those around you.
  3. Remember Names – This isn’t always easy to do but when you can learn to pay attention and pull it off, it makes a huge impact. When someone that you respect and admire remembers their interaction with you, it means a lot right? So, put the effort in and make your people feel special.
  4. Show Appreciation – Don’t be one of those people that only give criticisms. That’s one of the best ways to get people to not like you very much. Sure, address what needs correction, but don’t fail to give praise where praise is due!
  5. Smile – Smiling is contagious. Leaders know how to infect the atmosphere. This is a natural byproduct of leadership. This can be very negative too if the leader has an intense presence. But, if  you are always walking into the room with a smile and positive energy, people will be happy to see you rather than being intimidated. Smile more and watch as others begin to lighten up and let their guard down around you.

The biggest key to all of this is letting your actions be inundated with appreciation for others. Simply care for others and you will begin to see how likable you really can be.