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What are the Fabric Options for ID Badge Lanyards?

LanyardsWhatever the intended use for your id badge lanyard, the chosen fabric is an important factor. Considering that you’ll be wearing it most of the day, you want it to be comfortable and durable. To help you make an informed choice about the fabric of your lanyard, here are some of the options along with their individual benefits:

Earth Friendly Fabric
  • PET lanyards use 100% recycled materials
  • Bamboo lanyards are soft, biodegradable and bacteria resistant
  • Also help to minimize footprint
OptiWeave Fabric
  • This material is great for silk screen imprinting
  • Specifically designed to be used with DTACH lanyard attachments
  • This is a flat form material made of tubular polyester
  • This material is similar to satin and is very soft
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • This material is great for detailed, multi-color imprinting
  • This lanyard material is extremely durable
  • Made with braided polyester which surrounds an inner core
  • Uses black sliders, either in a diamond or round shape
  • This is a flat but ribbed lanyard material that is made of polyester
  • Very comfortable to wear and is best for imprinting that requires only a few colors
Round Braid or Flat Braid
  • This is the most commonly used lanyard due it’s low price tag
  • This is a polypropylene material and is optimal for events or other short term wearing scenarios

If you’re interesting in learning more about different id badge lanyards or lanyard fabrics, give us a call! Our professional staff would love to help you select the perfect lanyard for your needs! Call (866) 610-4308

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