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What are the Most Clothing Friendly ID Card Accessories

Clothing Friendly ID Card AccessoriesFor many business, ID cards are an essential part of identification security. Employees will typically be required to wear their ID all day long, so it’s important to ensure they’re not uncomfortable, inconvenient or even damaging to wear on your clothing. Here are a few of the most clothing friendly ID accessories available:

Badge Clips

Clips and other, similar accessories such as pins and magnets are both cost effective and easy to use. For an even gentler approach, the strap clips with rubber tips are great even for delicate fabrics. When it comes to magnetic attachments, though they may be slightly heavier, they are not likely to cause any damage to clothing.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are another easy to use option. The type of clip attached to the real is going to either be a belt clip or a swivel clip. Belt clips don’t actually clip onto clothing as they simply slide into your pocket or onto your belt, waste band, etc. Swivel clips, however, do clip directly onto your clothing and may not be the best choice for those lightweight fabrics as they could cause pulling and tearing.


Lanyards have been widely popular for a couple very simple reasons:

  • They hang from your neck which means they don’t clip onto clothing at all.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • You can attach basically any attachment option which means they work with a wide variety of card types.

Badge Holders

Though the majority of badge holders are used together with another accessory such as a badge reel, lanyard or strap slip, some of them are functional on their own. For instance, armband holders do not attach directly to any other accessory or clothing item because they are worn around the arm with an adjustable band to keep them secure.

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