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Zebra’s KrO & KdO Ribbons: What’s the Difference?

Zebra's KrO & KdO Ribbons: What's the Difference?If you’re looking to print simple ID cards with text and barcodes, monochrome black ribbon is a great choice, but did you know that there is a difference between Zebra’s KrO and KdO ribbons? They both have a similar function, being used for printing monochrome black and providing an overlay to protect your ID cards from typical wear and tear. The biggest difference is actually with the printing technology rather than the ribbon itself. Let’s take a look at the differences:

KrO Ribbons

These ribbons use a print process called “thermal transfer,” which provides very crisp lines and very clear text without any shadows. The “r” in the KrO title stands for resin. These ribbons are ideal for the printing of barcodes because they are very easily read by barcode readers.

KdO Ribbons

The “d” in the KdO title stands for “dye sublimation,” which is part of the printing process that is used. What is unique about this ribbon is that it actually uses two different processes in conjunction with each other. Dye sublimation is used for the black panel while thermal transfer is used for the clear overlay panel. The dye sublimation process provides the ability to print in grey scale which creates shadows and shading. This is great for printing images or logos in black and white.

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