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3-up Key Tags for Firefighters: Accountability Tags

3-up Key Tags for Firefighters: Accountability TagsIn the fire fighting world, there is what is known as an accountability system. This system tracks each firefighter to determine and ensure that each member of the team returns safely from the building that they enter. Let’s take a look at how 3-up tags can be used for the accountability tag function for firefighters.

How Accountability Tags Work

Accountability tags are provided to and collected from each person before entering a building to make sure that each person is accounted for. Once they return from their duty in the building, the team member will collect their own accountability tag to provide proof that they evacuated safely.

Specs & Customization

Accountability tags are also practical because of their ability to be customized for each department’s needs. They can also be creatively color coded to distinguish the different roles of members on the team. For example, you can designate a different color for interior firefighters and exterior firefighters. Interior firefighters are specifically and uniquely trained in different skills to be able to successfully extinguish a fire on the inside of a building.

These tags are typically made of PVC plastic just like a standard ID card and are perforated so that they can be easily separated into 3 individual tags. The complete card, which contains a set of three tags, is 30 mil thick and carries the same dimensions as a credit card (3.375” x 2.125”). The individual tags are 1.1” x 2.125” and include a pre-punched key ring hole.

These blank, white tags are packaged in groups of 10 shrink-wrapped packs of 100, making a total of 1,000 cards in all. Each package is visual inspected to ensure the product’s quality.

It’s recommended that these tags be used with a retransfer printer. The key ring holes and perforations on these key tag cards may cause damage to the printhead if run through a direct-to-card printer.

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