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ID Cards: Safety Tips for the Workplace

ID Cards: Safety Tips for the WorkplaceWhen thinking of ID cards, we don’t typically consider how they affect our safety. Though ID cards aren’t typically considered to be hazardous in and of themselves, it’s important to understand the scenarios that can cause a potential threat. Here are a few ID card safety tips:

  • If you work in construction, childcare, a medical facility or a factory, breakaway lanyards are a much safer alternative for your ID cards than standard lanyard options. If your lanyard or ID card were to get caught on another person or object, it would break apart to avoid strangulation or other injury to the neck.
  • More specifically within the medical field, if you work with MRI machines, you should utilize metal-free accessories for your ID cards. Since MRI machines are magnetic, plastic is the best solution for protecting your patients and yourself.
  • Antimicrobial lanyards and badge holders are a good solution for those who work in food service and health care establishments. These accessories help to prevent to growth of harmful bacteria and germs to help keep employees and consumers safe.
  • If you’re in a line of work where visibility needs be to very high to avoid accidents, reflective lanyards and badge holders are an ideal choice.

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