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Composite ID Cards vs Standard PVC Cards

Composite ID CardsThe majority of standard ID cards are made of plastic or PVC material, which are most the common and least expensive in the industry.

In terms of printing the typical, professional looking ID cards that you see on a daily basis, PVC cards are a great choice. They will certainly deliver the high quality that customers expect. However, if you’re planning to laminate your ID cards or use a retransfer printer, PET cards or composite PVC cards are recommended due to their ability to tolerate higher temperatures.

Composite ID cards are also much stronger that the standard PVC cards because they are typically made up  of 60 percent PVC material and 40 percent PET plastic. This combination of materials is also what gives them their higher heat tolerance.

Regardless of the application, the composite ID cards are always a great choice. Ultimately, the more durable your ID cards are the less likely they are to bend, crack, melt or warp which gives them a longer life and saves you money in the long run. Though the composite ID cards are initially more expensive, they have proven to be longer lasting and need to be replaced less often than standard PVC cards.

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