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Beyond the Badge: The Importance of Police ID Cards

Beyond the Badge: The Importance of Police ID CardsWhen needing to verify the legitimacy of a police officer, we typically think of the “show me your badge” scenario. However, most people don’t realize that police badges are actually pretty easy to get a hold of. You can purchase a generic police badge online and most people would never know the difference. So, is there a more effective way to verify a police officer’s legitimacy? Yes. Police ID cards. Let’s take a look at a few reason why police ID cards are helpful:

  1. They Provide an Additional Layer of Security
    • Two is better than one. When you are able to verify a badge and an ID card, that doubles your chances of making the right judgement call.
  2. Harder to Replicate then a Police Badge
    • Since police badges are so similar, replication is much simpler. When each department can create a unique ID card design, it significantly decreases the likelihood of a successful, precise replication.
  3. ID Cards Can be Highly Customized
    • Unlike a police badge, there are a variety of security features that can be added to an ID card. Those features include holographic overlay, magnetic strips, watermarks, RFID chips and more.

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