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Improving Photo ID Badge Photos: A Photographer’s Advice

Improving Photo ID Badge Photos: A Photographer’s AdviceIf you’ve been following our blog, you may have seen one of our first posts entitles, How to Take Your BEST Card ID Photo. That post was focused on helping you to achieve your most photogenic qualities on picture day. It was certainly fun to write and I hope it was equally as enjoyable to read! After having written that post, however, I thought it only appropriate to provide a few tips from a photographers perspective. A, “How to Take Your BEST Card ID Photo (PART 2)”, if you will.

After a brief interview with a photographer friend of mine, Frank Del Corral of Frank Del Corral Photography, here are a few tips to help the average person to take above average photos.

Improving Photo ID Badge Photos:
  1. The most flattering angle is at eye level or slightly higher for those with less pronounced jaw lines.
  2. Have your personnel stay away from heavy or loud prints on picture day.
    • If an individual has a lighter complexion, encourage them avoid the lighter colors that might wash them out.
    • Shades of blue and teal look best on individuals of light complexion.
  3. It’s best to take your pictures in a location with even lighting.
    • If need be, add additional lighting in low light areas.
    • If taking the pictures outside, be sure to avoid angles that will cause glare from the sun.

There you have it! Now you can take your company head shots to the next level. Enjoy!

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