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Your Card ID Photo: The Benefits of a Smile

Your Card ID Photo: The Benefits of a SmileMost of us, if not all, have heard the old wives tale that smiling can help to turn your sadness into happiness. It’s easy to write that off as an attempt from Grandma to get her grandchildren to be more pleasant during social situations, but is there validity to the notion? According to two studies I recently stumbled upon, there may be! (Study #1, Study #2)

Now, I know you may be thinking, “What does that have to do with my card ID photo?” Though the two studies listed above pertain solely to the smilee, your smile affects more than just your attitude. It directly has an impact on the individuals that work along side you. And yes, that includes your customers. Let’s take a look at how smiling in your card ID photo will benefit you:

A Smile Makes You Look More Pleasant

A smile will make you seem more approachable. You may very well have a stunning smolder, but when that smolder makes you come across as arrogant, you failed. I know that you can’t possibly always be smiling, but your card ID photo is constant. When it’s done, it’s done. Put on a smile in your photo and it will help to give others a good feeling about you. Don’t forget to try to smile in person too.

A Smile Innately Represents Joy

When we feel joy, we smile. Right? A smile innately represents joy, and you want your customers to feel joy when they are around you. Again, you can’t always be smiling in person, but when they can glance down and see the joyful version of you, that will help you to give them a positive experience. When they have a positive experience, they will come back to do business with you.

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